A Legal Proof for the Existence of God (Part IX): Science in Genesis Chapter 3 – Adam and Eve


  1. […] as we shall see in the next article dealing with Chapters 3 and 4, science and Genesis supports that […]

  2. […] we saw in Part IX, the reason it was wrong to acquire “the knowledge of good and evil” is that to awaken […]

  3. Quotes by Joseph BH McMillan
    Quotes by Joseph BH McMillan April 24, 2016 at 8:01 am .

    […] ‘Civilized’ human beings have become a cancer on the face of the Earth. What went wrong? http://josephbhmcmillan.com/a-legal-proof-for-the-existence-of-god-part-ix-science-in-genesis-chapte… […]

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