Joseph BH McMillan was born and brought up in South Africa of Scottish parents. He attended Rhodes University where he read for a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics, Law and Accountancy.

In 1978 he was self-exiled from South Africa and made his way to Britain. After laboring wherever he could find work he became a Trainee Production Manager at what was then Smedley HP Foods before being appointed Assistant Financial Accountant at Geest Horticultural Group.

In 1981 McMillan was offered a place to read law at Leicester University. After completing his first year he took a year off to travel through Europe, the Middle East and Africa before returning to Britain to continue his legal studies at Leeds University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree in 1985. He won 3 of 5 prizes awarded to graduates – for his papers on Jurisprudence, Evidence and International Law.

After completing his Law Society Finals (Solicitor/attorney professional qualification) at Trent Polytechnic (now Trent Nottingham University) in 1986, Mr McMillan attended Cambridge University (Trinity Hall) where he earned a Master of Law degree (International Law) in 1987.

He then practiced law at a number of leading London law firms before ‘retiring’ to the mountains of Southern Spain in 2001 to write about the issues he was most passionate about – science, philosophy and religion.

He returned to Britain in 2013.

McMillan has written articles for several US publications, and has written Escaping Britain, which documents his physical and spiritual journey that culminated in the ‘philosophy’ of his book Freedom v. A Tyranny of Rights, published in July 2007. His latest book is A ‘Final Theory’ of God, published in October 2014.

He has made appearances to discuss his latest book in televised interviews on Newsmax TV and Press TV.