Gay marriage can’t undermine an institution already beyond repair

The SCOTUS decision recognizing gay marriage did not surprise me, and neither did it bother me.

Marriage has become a farce for millions of people across the Western world in the last few decades. Adultery and divorce are rampant. Promiscuity is the norm. Children have become an accessory, along with the car, career and house.

That gay marriage may further undermine the institution is unlikely. The damage has already been done with sexual ‘liberation’. But more importantly, gay marriage has nothing to do with ‘equality’. It has everything to do with the preservation and extension of government and corporate power and control.

Those who do recognize what true marriage is know that they have it, irrespective of the labels that may be attached to other kinds of ‘relationships’. And they also know that it is centered on God, and His Law.

As the great Jewish philosopher Philo Judeaus of Alexandria once said, “The nature of one’s parents [ie marriage] appears to be something of the confines between immortal and mortal essences. Of mortal essence, on account of their relationship to men and also to other animals, and likewise of the perishable nature of the body. And of immortal essence, by reason of the similarity of the act of generation to God the Father of the universe.”[i]

Nothing can change that!

[i] Philo, Decalogue, XXII (106)

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