A Legal Proof for the Existence of God (Part I)


  1. […] for human consciousness, the human quest for knowledge and justice, and why, as we saw in the introductory article, science, philosophy and religion all reveal the search for a Supreme Law and a Supreme […]

  2. […] There we find the source of the positive obligations we referred to in the introductory article. […]

  3. […] For the article on which the video is based, click here. […]

  4. Quotes by Joseph BH McMillan
    Quotes by Joseph BH McMillan May 7, 2016 at 9:08 am .

    […] ‘Civilized’ human beings are the only creatures on Earth who build their own cages to enslave themselves, and each other. http://josephbhmcmillan.com/proof-existence-god/ […]

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