“Freedom cannot recognize as law the commands and doctrines of other human beings.”

“True freedom is freedom from bondage to our primitive human instincts.”

“The human quest for justice is an expression of the moral content of the laws of physics which manifests itself in the search for a Supreme Law and a Supreme Lawmaker.”

“FREEDOM and LAW can only coexist under the auspices of a Supreme Law and a Supreme lawmaker. Anything else is tyranny.”

“Life is a manifestation of the fundamental laws of physics, and in its highest form, life manifests itself as a human organism with a capacity for moral judgment.”

“The human capacity for moral judgment speaks of God.”

“The only time in life that we freely and voluntarily assume onerous obligations, not out of fear of punishment, nor the prospect of advantage, but out of unconditional love, is the creation of new human life in our own image ”

“Freedom is defined by obligations, not the absence of obligations.”

“Humility is the highest virtue; feigning humility is the greatest vanity.”

“Religion and justice are an attempt by reason to reconcile the competing demands from the instinct and morality networks in the human brain.”

“Tolerance is simply the measure of a permissible deviation from a norm (principle). Until we have firmly established fundamental principles we cannot know what we should or should not tolerate. Tolerating anything and everything is nihilism, and leads inexorably to chaos.”

“Give a vain man a hat and a badge, and he’ll think himself a god.”

* * * * *

“The arrogance of ignorance is the hallmark of cowards who lack the courage to admit they may be wrong. It is most prominent in politicians who ooze it like pus from an infected wound.”

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