Who is really responsible for the massacre in Tunisia?

Last week the first inquests opened into the deaths of the British citizens killed in the Tunisian massacre.

On Friday, a minute’s silence was held across the UK during which British Prime Minister, David Cameron, bowed his head in a display of pious indignation. Cameron has declared a “generational struggle” against the likes of those responsible for the massacre and has pledged a permanent memorial to the victims.

Cameron’s attendance conjured up images of those Mafia movies where the crime boss responsible for ordering the killing of a rival attends the funeral to express his condolences and shock. His hypocrisy is quite breathtaking.

It was clear to me that the bombing of Libya, and the removal of Gaddafi, would create a terrorist haven on the shores of the Mediterranean from which Islamic terror attacks would be launched, and I said as much in a number of letters to the Daily Mail of London in 2011, the last of which was published in edited form on the 25th August.

In that letter, I warned that it would be the British people who would pay the price for Cameron’s ridiculous adventure. That has proved true, not just in monetary terms, but also in the lives of innocent British citizens. And I was not alone in issuing such warnings.

The Libyan bombing was simply an international criminal enterprise conducted by the West at the behest of its Gulf paymasters, in spite of the fact that donors in these Gulf countries,  principally Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are recognized as the “the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.[1]

The UN “No Fly” Resolution did not give any legitimacy to what, in reality, amounted to an aggressive war. The West simply supplied air support for Gulf-sponsored jihadists.

Western politicians cannot profess abhorrence of atrocities committed by Islamic extremists while working hand-in-hand with the main sponsors of such terror. States like Saudi Arabia are so confident of a compliant West, even when it comes to terror against Western civilians, that Prince Bandar, Saudi Arabia’s spy master, threatened President Putin of Russia with terror attacks at the Winter Olympics in Sochi if he opposed a UN Resolution to bomb Syria. Stating that he had “spoken with the Americans before the visit, and they pledged to commit to any understandings that we may reach,” Bandar then warned Putin that “The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us, and they will not move … without coordinating with us.

In effect, Bandar was threatening terror attacks against civilians at the Olympics with the knowledge of Western leaders. (see Grounds for Impeaching President Obama)

As I said in my article Western Leaders Take Orders from their Saudi Paymasters on Syria, too many Western politicians are so beholden to Saudi and Qatari funding that they cannot, in any real sense, be considered independent. Neither can they profess ignorance of the terror their Saudi and Qatari paymasters support and fund around the world, not just in Tunisia and Libya, but Syria, Nigeria, Russia, Kenya, Somalia, Yemen, and the West itself. That makes them complicit in these terrorist atrocities.

The extent to which Western leaders are in the power of Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia was evident after the death of the Saudi dictator King Abdullah, when we saw the spectacle of Western ‘leaders’ dropping everything to rush over to Saudi Arabia to pay condolences to their deceased lord, and homage to their new lord.

So it may be clear who pulled the trigger in Sousse last week; but it is also clear who created the conditions that facilitated the massacre, and on whose behalf they did it.

I doubt that the inquests into the deaths will even consider the question of Cameron’s culpability, or indeed that of any other Western politician. Neither, I suspect, the culpability of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. And for the most part, mainstream media will resort to the complicity of silence.

However, these are precisely the issues that should be examined, because until we do start holding our own leaders and politicians to account for their actions, and those of their friends, we should only expect a lot more of the same.

Joseph BH McMillan

Copyright © Joseph BH McMillan 2015 All Rights Reserved


[1] Washington Times December 23, 2010 – http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/dec/23/wide-saudi-loopholes-let-charity-funds-slip-to-ter/


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