Why a Trump presidency will be good for America, and the World

Donald Trump is coarse. That is indisputable. But his coarseness simply reflects the discourse of our time, and he has skillfully harnessed it to his advantage.

However, that should not blind us to the power of his message, and the benefits it will bring to the American people, and the world.

What I am about to say will no doubt attract ridicule and scorn. But the facts bear it out.

Donald Trump will be a president in the mold of Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR). He will unleash an energy in the American people that has for too long been bound up in the chains of financial and corporate servitude.

This is what Trump will do.


Like FDR, Trump understands that a modern and efficient infrastructure is indispensable for a strong and efficient economy. He also understands that infrastructure has to be continually updated and maintained. This provides a strong and durable foundation for the economy, and especially jobs. But Trump also understands the importance of value for money, and being vigilant about corruption.

Like FDR, he has a healthy distrust of corporate motivations and methods. He understands that infrastructure is a fundamental obligation of government. It is too important to be left exclusively to the machinations of private enterprise.


Like FDR, Trump considers it offensive to the moral sensibilities of a civilized nation that people should face the choice of losing their home, paying for medical care, or dying. He has been emphatic that in Trump’s America ‘no one will die on the streets because they can’t afford medical care’.

Trump will get rid of ObamaCare – that is certain. He has said as much. But he has also said that he will replace it with something better. I suspect that he will introduce a system of universal health care for all Americans, irrespective of ability to pay. All other civilized states have such systems. And contrary to the disinformation spread by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, they work perfectly well.

Trump will not be bamboozled by nonsense from the ‘health’ industries that access to health care somehow destroys freedom. He won’t permit the people to be deceived by health industry propaganda into voting against their own best interests.

I expect a Trump presidency will see America join the rest of the civilized world with a system of universal health care that will become the envy of the world – as it should be. And the irony of it is that a Republican president will be the one to deliver to America the greatest gift any government can give its people – freedom from the fear of getting ill.

Social Security

Like FDR, Trump is not petty and spiteful towards the less able and the less fortunate. He has made it clear that he will not cut social security. He has said that he will make it better.

Like FDR, he understands that a measure of a civilized people is how they treat the less fortunate and less able. Trump won’t pander to the vindictive by punishing the poor, the mentally ill, the disabled, or even what some may regard as the ‘lazy’ or ‘work-shy’. He’s too big for such small-minded resentments.

Trump knows, as FDR did, that the less able and less fortunate have been made scapegoats in order to divert the anger of the people who have been impoverished by the greed, irresponsibility and corruption of financial and corporate conglomerates who received billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

Trump will hold the real scroungers accountable.

Wall Street

Like FDR, Trump has a barely concealed contempt for these parasites that suck the life-blood out of the economy. Trump knows, as well he should, that Wall Street is a giant Ponzi scheme. The 2008 Crash starkly exposed that. If anyone can face up to this corrupt cartel, it is Trump. And I expect he is itching to get started.


Like FDR, Trump will not be cowed into imposing austerity to profit the vultures on Wall Street. Trump will invest in infrastructure, in health, in education, in the military, and make Wall Street pay for it. He will create jobs that give people dignity and worth, not make them serfs to global corporations.

Under a Trump presidency, globalization will come to a shuddering halt. And Trump won’t buckle under threats from the financial and corporate bandits to bring the system down. Trump will have a force far more powerful to fill the vacuum – the enormous energy of the American people just waiting to be unleashed. Those that play by the rules will earn the privilege to ride that energy; those that don’t can take their toys and ply their trade elsewhere.

The Military

Like FDR, Trump has a streak of the martial spirit. He understands that warriors train assiduously to temper their minds and bodies to the art of combat. But they don’t train so they can go out and pick fights or push others around. They train to be prepared for the unexpected. And they train so that when the unexpected is thrust upon them, the response is swift and decisive.

That is what Trump means when he says America needs a strong military, but not one engaged in endless conflict to justify its existence; and certainly not one that is a cash-cow to be milked by the military-industrial complex.

The military is the defender of the people, not the strong-arm of American financial and corporate interests.

Foreign Policy

Trump understands better than any ‘think-tank’ pundit or foreign policy ‘expert’ that American and Western foreign ‘policy’ is an unmitigated disaster. The ‘experts’ who rile against him have absolutely no comprehension of what he is talking about. That’s because the Establishment foreign ‘policy’ consensus is so confined, ingrained and inflexible that none of the ‘experts’ even realize that they are ‘thinking’ inside a box, so how could they even begin to think out of the box.

The foreign policy consensus is paralyzed in a Soviet-era paranoia that has blinded ‘policy makers’ to the real enemies. It is interventionist – on ‘humanitarian’ grounds, of course – patronizing and dictatorial. American foreign policy did not make America the world’s policeman, it made America an international vigilante. Trump recognizes that. And he knows it has to change.

Trump’s policy is simple, but it will be effective: mind our own business, trade and make deals, set an example at home, and don’t let anyone push America around.

That’s not naïve, it’s smart.

But Trump’s first task will be to inflict a decisive and mortal blow to ISIS, its allies and supporters, and by extension, Islamic extremism.

For that blow to be effective, he must form an alliance with Russia and China, he must coordinate with Syria and the Kurds, and he must give a stern warning to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey to stay out of the fray, or get crushed. He must then work with Russia and China to re-establish the security of the Syrian state so that they can get back to some normality and decide for themselves how to be governed and by whom. Then he should get out, fast!

Gaining international respect by setting an example at home may appear peculiar to some, but it is common sense. And it will work.


Will Trump build a wall on the border with Mexico? I expect so, and I see no reason why not. We all put locks on our doors so we don’t get uninvited ‘visitors’. Why should a country be any different?

Will he deport millions of illegal immigrants? A lot, I expect, but deals will be done. And I don’t think he will inflict unnecessary hardship and suffering on vulnerable people. That’s not Trump.

How will he pay for it all?

I’ve already touched on that. No one should underestimate the power of the energy of the American people. And if anyone can unleash that energy, it’s Donald J Trump.


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